What to Look For When Shopping For Cornhole Bags

The game of cornhole has become widely popular in recent years. It is easy to understand why as the game is fun and exciting for young and old alike. It is a safe, fun, and yet challenging game. As with any game, there are pieces of the game that require periodic replacement. Golfers don’t play golf with the same golf ball forever. Baseball players don’t play with the same baseball very long. In the game of cornhole, the cornhole bags do wear out and need periodic replacement as well.

Cornhole bags, as they are played over time, begin to degrade. The corn inside the bags takes a beating when thrown repeatedly during game play. Often times the game is played on blacktop or concrete. This increases the speed in which the bags deteriorate. Some signs of degradation include the bags becoming dusty with powder or even stitching coming loose. These signs of wear are typical and expected. Just like that baseball, cornhole bags will need replaced from time to time all cornhole.

Cornhole bag quality varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Bag materials differ as well. Some companies have a tendency to skimp on the fabric and the thread used in stitching. This typically leads to premature bag failure. Not something a cornhole player would be too happy about. Just as one would be reluctant to buy a brand new television from a questionable source, when buying replacements, you should purchase them from a reliable source. A source that has a warranty or guarantee on their products.

Cornhole bags from reputable sources come in a multitude of colors and in sets of four and eight. It is always a good idea to purchase cornhole bags in colors of differing shades so they can be seen easily in the late evening hours. A lot of people purchase their new cornhole bags in their favorite sports teams colors. This is always a great option. There is no specific time frame for when a cornhole bag would need replaced. Determining this is subjective. But, if your bags are showing signs of wear and tear perhaps it’s time for replacements.

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